Handmade Custom Designed Jewellery

F Colour, VS Clarity Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds.

If you are discerning enough to have a Design of your own in mind we would be happy to help you develop a one-off, meticulously handcrafted piece.
Please contact us for further information, perhaps with an initial idea of styling – if not, we can start creating your ideal piece from suggestions within an informal chat.
We would also like to make you aware that we cannot copy other Designers’ products.

No two projects are the same, but in essence –

1/ Together we Design your piece.

2/ Tilbrook Jewellery supplies a price quote with a final Design for you to confirm and sign off.

3/ Payment is made, and Materials are purchased.

4/ Work starts on your project, and in some cases progress shots and updates are photographed for you.

5/ Your Beautiful Jewellery is completed and delivered complementary to an address of your choosing.   


We would also like to draw you attention to the possibility of upcycling your old jewellery where appropriate. We can reconfigure your precious metal and stones or offset their value towards your new Design, although this option is not always available as your ingredients may not be of UK Hallmarking standards.


Bespoke Prices start from £2000
Please contact: info@tilbrookjewellery.com
+44 (0)20 8706 0535